1.Thinly roll out the dough, cut out bunny feet. Form the sausage, cut it into two parts - the hind legs. Glue the legs to the feet. The upper edge of the legs make smooth. Dry the.
2.For the front paws make sausages, lightly flatten them. Stacks do fingers. Try forepaws to the bottle - the body Bunny. Give paws position and leave to dry.
3. Roll out the dough, cut out the balalaika. Stack draw strings. From sausages blind by the ears.
4. Wrap the bottle roll out dough, leaving the neck free. Place the joint with water.
5. The neck of another bottle with foil wrap in several layers - it will be a bunny head frame.
6. Slide the frame of the foil on the bottle, wrapped in dough. The foil also wrap the dough. Moisten the edges of the head, and shall cleave to his head bunny body.
7. Moisten with water the lower part of the head, wrap a strip of dough.
8. From the small balls test, create eyes. Glue them.
9. Complete manufacturing bunny faces. Wet the top of the head and ears shall cleave.
10. From the the thin copper wire make a mustache, put them on the cheek, to mark the holes, and remove.
11. Thinly roll out the dough, cut out of it a trapezoid - the left and right halves of the vest. Glue to vest bunny. Stack draw cells.
12. Glue the front legs.
13. Paint the snout and belly bunny in orange vest - in blue.
14. Acrylic paint paint the mustache. When they dry out, put them in the prepared holes.
15. Paint the black paint rabbit hind legs and separately in orange - the balalaika. Attach it to the front legs of a hare.
Note to the hand-made article:
In Germany and Scandinavia has long been taken to make Easter and Christmas souvenirs from salt dough. It was believed that they bring to the owners good luck and prosperity at home. In Greece and Spain during the celebrations in honor of Our Lady on the altar lay a wreath of bread, decorated with magnificent ornaments.