Ship in a Bottle

At first glance, it is not clear how this was stuck in the bottle? So we decided to try to put it there. Make your own "Ship in a Bottle"

Let's start our master class!


So, for the craft, we need:

Bottle with wide neck

Sheet of white paper in A4 size.

Colored salt of blue color.

Glue stick

duct tape

Two white strong threads about 50 cm long.

A large needle with a large eye.


Knife, stationery or building

A small piece of plasticine




Let's start with the manufacture of the ship. We need a sheet of white paper and glue for this.

It's simple! But there is one addition. When you fold the boat, fix the corners of the glue so that it does not fall apart.

Give the boat a name. Do not forget how you call the boat, so it will float. We called our own "Grisha Fursenko", made a strip on the edge and drew an anchor.

Now you need to turn the ship and put a piece of plasticine in the groove. He will weight the boat and not let it collapse.

Take the boat and put it on the bottle to try on where it will be.

Make marks with a felt-tip pen.

We remove the boat and now the knife comes into play. It is necessary to make small incisions, approximately 1 cm, from the marks towards each other.

To make it more clear, they painted them in red lines.

We thread the thread into the needle and insert the needle into one of the notches.

Push the needle inside the bottle.

Then we thrust the thread further and further. You can use a stick for this, for example, a wooden skewer. The task is to get the needle along with the thread from the neck.

The same manipulations are done with the second notch and with the second thread.

It turns out that from the neck of the bottle we have two threads. We do not remove the needle from the second thread. Now we need it.

Take the boat and pierce it with a needle in one of the lower corners.

Now we remove the needle and tie a large knot on the thread.

Another thread needs to be pulled through the second corner of the ship. And hold the same manipulations: remove the needle and tie a knot. If now turn the bottle and lift it, the boat will hang on the thread.

It's time to send the boat to the bottle. He struggles, but passes into the neck. Accurately it there push through.

Hooray! A ship in a bottle! Now with the help of thread we will install it in place.

Pull neatly for the strings and pull the boat to the right place.

Now the threads need to be cut and fixed using two pieces of tape.

That's almost a finished article! Let's add details.

Pour the blue salt into the bottle with a teaspoonful.

So much will be enough. The sea is ready! There is not enough sky.

The sun and clouds will be painted with acrylic paints. All! the hack is ready! Beautiful, unusual and interesting!