Flowers in a vase

At the beginning we need to use an adhesive. Take a conventional glue.
Neatly glue the leaves of curly pasta.
Then do the flowers of pasta, as shown in the picture.
We carefully glue the leaves on wire, and then paint them green. But before you paint our flowers, you must remove the masking tape strands of dried glue.
Now you need to glue colored flower to the stem.
Similarly, we have to make other flowers.
In order to produce a carnation and cornflowers, we will use the pasta-bows. Using scissors, split them in half. Now you need to glue them, make flower. In the middle of the flower glue millet, painted in yellow color.
Now to our bouquet, we need to make a vase. Glue white silk cord on the bottle.
Glue shaped pasta on a vase, spreading with any of these ornaments. We need to fill in all the pasta from scratch. Then use masking tape is necessary to remove all the traces of glue, which is like a spider's web with the entangling our crafts.
Then we paint our vase with brown enamel.
After that, we slightly paint the vase with golden enamel. See how it looks in the picture.
It remains only to insert the flowers in the vase.
Here's a great beauty and quite brilliant, we turned!