Plane type "Invisible"

1. Start with a letter size sheet. Place it vertically. Fold the paper exactly in half along its long edge. Unfold after the crease has been made. Fold down the upper left corner so the upper left point hits the paper's right edge. Do the same for the right side. Unfold after the crease has been made. Make the creases nice and crisp, using your nail. (pic. 1)
2. Flip the paper over. Fold the upper left and right points down so the new crease goes through the center point formed by the diagonal creases. Unfold it. And fold it as shown. (pic.2)
3. Turn the left edge to the right side and bend it up then return it to its original position. The right edge is also bent upward. (pic.3)
4. Bend the left edge again so that the underside lies exactly on the bend line of the previous triangle. Bend the end of corner over the part. (pic.4)
5. Return the right side to its original position and bend it to the middle. (pic.5)
6. Make one more fold of the paper to the middle, send the upper corner inward. (pic.6)
7. Bend the right side of the corner to the middle then straighten it back. The first left side to the other side and the protruding lower edge is inserted into the formed hole of the right part. (pic.7)
8. Bend the workpiece creating a center line. Make wings. Your plane is ready! (pic.9)