Plane strategic

To get started, you need to place a piece of paper cut up a long, fold it in half vertically and smooth fold his hand. Then expand and fold in half again, this time horizontally.
Italian artist, engineer and inventor Leonardo da Vinci built in the Renaissance model of the aircraft from the parchment.
Smooth hand fold and deploy, so you can map out the folds of the sheet along the central axis in both directions. Thereafter, the two upper corner fold of the paper sheet to the center, resulting in a hexagonal figure shall happen with a flat top. Next, you need to bend the flat top of the workpiece so that the cut paper united with the place of contact previously pledged angles (Fig. 1).
Now you need to be folded in half resulting preform accurately align the edges, and smooth hand fold. Then expand again. Thereafter, necessary to again bend angles to the central axis of the paper sheet so that they form an isosceles triangle with a wide base. Then, once the blank folded in half and combine thoroughly angles (Fig. 2).
After formation of the preform is completed, and the wings are already available, to bend them at a distance from the central axis of the paper sheet. Now you need to fold them in half, carefully smooth out all twists and ready deploy its wings in flight dix floor. This operation was repeated several times is desired, folding the latter half of the wing and its bending back each time in the other direction (Fig. 3).
After this manipulation can be considered ready airplane (Fig. 4).