Plane "Falcon Eye"

Paper positioned vertically on a table, fold it in half longitudinally, smoothly fold by arm to indicate the axial center line. Then deploy. As in many previous models, it is necessary to wrap up the two upper corners of the paper sheet to the center to make a triangle. Then turn the workpiece to the other side (Fig. 1).
Now it is necessary to bend the workpiece both corners, connecting the edges of the center line of the paper. It should be free, not to crumple, bottom corners, curved in the previous step. As a result, you should get a complex figure with blank diamond tip. On top of this you need to map out a lightly two dotted horizontal lines: one - from the right corner to the left, the second dotted line should pass above (Fig. 2.).
The next step is to bend the tip of the rhombus on the upper dotted line (Fig. 3). Then you need to bend the tops of the diamond back from you on the dotted line that goes from corner to corner (Fig. 4).
Now you need to fold the blank paper airplane in half. Bend the wings of the line. The bows of the paper are the antennaes, they need to stick to each other and form a circle with your fingers. If necessary, you can glue these paper items (Fig. 5a, b).
To speed up the assembly parts that are glued together, it is possible to iron slightly by a warm iron. To this end, the temperature control is necessary, first, put to the minimum, and then gradually increase the temperature to about 60-70 °. In principle, this construction work is completed airplane (Fig. 6).