Gold fish

Goldfish - descendants of carp and resemble them in structure.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and make a diagonal inflection.

2. Then bend sheet on the dotted line.

3. Then you need to bend angles along the dotted lines to the line of inflection, so that eventually turned the square.

4. Fold the corners of a single layer on the dotted lines, to the corners match.

5. Corners bend in different directions along the dotted lines.

6. Fold the top layer from bottom to top on the dotted line.

7. Once again bend in the same direction on the dotted line.

8. Turn the workpiece.

9. Make cuts along the lines shown in the figure.

10. Fold the top on the dotted line to coincide corners of the workpiece.

11. Turn the workpiece.

12. Fold the corners of the dotted lines down.

13. Turn the blank side.

14. Pull the fish of the right and left edges. "Goldfish" is ready.