Flying kite without a frame

1. To make a kite you can use thin cardboard, single-ply plywood or foil as a paper backing instead of paper. Cut out a rectangle of the desired size. The length-to-width ratio should be 4:5. The sheet folded in length along the top edge shall be slightly snicked forming a groove 1-1.5 cm deep (Fig. 1)
2. Using a hole puncher make holes in the top corners of the sheet. The approximate distance from the edge is 1-1.5 cm. Then bend both corners of the rectangle to the center line. (Fig. 2)
3. Fix the top corners of the sheet, passing the hooks through the already made holes.
4. Then attach the rails to the hooks. Now you can fly your kite, but take into account the wind direction to choose the right angle. (FIG.3)
5. To change the position of the kite and to control the angle of its submission you can change the hooks position. With a time you'll find out the best position of hooks for a better flight. (Fig.4)
6. You can use the same method to create many other kites of different sizes. It all depends on the strength of the material used for the wings. You can change the shape of the kite. For example you can turn it into a bird or butterfly putting the hooks to one or two different places. (Fig.5)