Flying kite on a lightweight frame with a keel

1. Fold the sheet in half so that you get a rectangle measuring 14 x 22 cm. Using a decorative puncher cut off the edges of the sheet. Then bend the edges diagonally to form a keel. Cut out two rectangular pieces from the cardboard to fasten the frame and glue them on the canvas side. Fixe the framework with a bamboo skewer or stick using glue to keep the shape. (Fig. 1)
2. Fasten the ribbon to the tail by a stapler. You can decorate your kite with different patterns or stickers. (Fig. 2)
3. The decorations can be cut from self-adhesive paper or you can use whatever you want.
4. Now turn the kite to the other side. At the top of the narrow side make a hole to attach the rail to this place. Measure the desired length of the rail and attach it.
5. Now you can fly a kite!
6. At the beginning of the 20th scientists widely used kites for meteorological researches. The kites reached an altitude of about 1000m and were determine the level of atmospheric pressure, wind speed, temperature and humidity.