When sewing a tiger, you can use any material (except, perhaps, fur). We sew first the body of two cut parts. I will repeat that I do it manually.

Then we turn it out, stuff it, sew the hole left for these purposes.

Sew the ears, turn them out and sew them with a secret suture to the head.

Then we embroider a muzzle. The overlay on a muzzle (from a fleece) I have simply pasted. You can make a tiger and a white tummy (I sewn a white circle of fleece)!

And do not forget to sew a tiger's tail!

Well, of course, our tiger should be striped! Stripes can be sewed with threads on an orange coat, you can draw a marker for the fabric, and for lack of it - acrylic paints a thin brush (like me).

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