To start work, prepare: fabric yellow, white and orange; sewing thread in the tone of the fabric; threads for embroidery, decor; Needle, Scissors, sewing machine; Material for stuffing (if you use a thick fabric holding a mold, it may not be necessary). Cut the parts from the corresponding fabrics. The number on the pattern indicates how many parts to cut.

Sew to one of the main yellow details beak, sewing in the middle, embroider eyes and other decor. You can decorate and one part of the shell, which will need to be sewn to this very part in its lower part.

Beat it is better to first sew in the middle, and then bend the two halves down and stitch it again from the top. So the beak will be pointing down, but will not be opened all the time.

Steam wings together. The line must be drawn figuratively. If your fabric is crumbling, you can sew the wings, and then turn them off.

For each large part of the body of the chicken, sew on the details of the egg shell, sewing along the upper, dentate edge.

Pin or sweep the chicken wings to the body part embroidered with embroidery.

Fold this chicken body detail with one more (front side to the front side), make one side seam.

Bend back the yellow part, sew the third detail to the other edge of the decorated chicken body part, and then sew together and without the embroidery (and wings) together, leaving a hole for the Easter chicken to be turned out.

At the bottom, sew a round white piece. It's not very simple, you need to be more attentive and always flaunt all the layers, trying not to make ugly protectors at the same time.

Turn out, stuff the chicken, manually sew the remaining hole, and the gift with your own hands is ready!

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