Turtle Onion

In the far-distant country live turtle Onion. Dubbed the onion so because its shell looks like half a large onion. We offer you to draw a portrait of this bug in an unusual way.
1. Draw the outline of a turtle, make it simple: a half-circle to the shell, just above the circle for the head, and then put them together and draw legs.
2. Smear glue and onion shell until it is dry, glue pieces of onion peel.
3. Then, head, neck and legs as turtles and smear glue on top of a mound of buckwheat.
4. Cut out of cardboard and glue onion eyes, mouth and discover them.
5. All the space around the turtle smear glue and gently sprinkle semolina.
6. Well, it is necessary to draw the yellow sand and blue sky. Do it right over the semolina - and your picture will be unusual, like a true artist.