1.You can make any seashells ready-made box. If you do not have the appropriate boxes, then it is very simple, you can make the most out of cardboard. Turn on the card parts box and cut.
2.Think of a picture or pattern that you want to portray in the box, and draw on the lid and the side of the casket of its main lines.
3.Glue the sides of the boxes to each other. Please note that the parts were not glued at an angle: it affects the appearance of your product.
4.Fold seam allowances for bonding at a right angle and glue to the bottom side of the casket.
5.Glue together the two halves of the stop for the lid.
6.Fold allowances for bonding at a right angle and glue the lid to stop the intended line.
7.Prepare the material that you need for work: seashells, scales of pine cones, branches arborvitae, rowan berries.
8.Along the lower edge of the box to paste a number of seashells. Try to make sure that does not form a large gaps.
9.Between the shells - second row - glue the pine cone scales.
10.Repeat steps 8 and 9, the finished paste the entire side of the caskets, moving along the planned lines.
11.To make it easier to stick fragile twigs of arborvitae, to cover caskets first glue double sided tape. Remove the protective layer and lay branches. Now they will hold well.
12.From pine cone scales but make edging edge of the lid. Glue the long seashells along the drawn lines. Decorate the cover of 'berries of mountain ash.
13.In the center of the cut plane of the glue pine cones. Now, the entire outer part of the caskets cover with a transparent varnish and let dry well.
14.The inside of the caskets decorate with fabric lining. It is also possible to glue the two-way tape.