Picture made of natural materials

  • Materials:

Small branches (the size is up to you)

Threads of different colors

Different natural supplies (fir-cones, leaves, acorns)

*The shape is up to you: you can make it V shaped or circle

  • Let’s start making the craft!                       
  1. Put the branches’ edges together using the thread so that you the frame of your future picture (see the image).
  2. Tie one of the ends of the colorful thread you’ve prepared to one of frame’s edges. Start passing the thread around the frame but do not forget to leave enough space for the future decorations.
  3. Try to do 2 pass around each branch (see the image).
  4. Once you’ve passed around the whole frame, tie the end of the tread to the opposite side of the frame.
  5. Start collecting some natural materials in the forests, parks and/or in the yard (materials be like leaves, nuts, flowers etc.)
  6. Try to fix the collected material between the strained threads. Turn on your imagination in order to create something really unusual.