1.Choose chestnut for a kitten's head. Make it a hole with an awl. Insert it in the short thin sprig and secure kleem- it will be neck.
2.Take two chestnut, make holes in them and glue firmly connect the chestnuts together - get a kitten torso.
3.From small cones make ears kitten and glue them to the head. Felt-tip pen or marker, draw a kitten eyes.
4.From halves rowan berries make a muzzle. Stick to it on both sides tendrils of pine or spruce needles.
5.Make an awl hole in the trunk kitten neck and connect the head to the body. Fix with glue.
6.Make four awl tab holes in the bottom of the trunk and one opening at the back of - for the tail.
7.From thin twigs make legs and tail. Put them in body kitten and secure with glue.