House of grains

1. Cut the cardboard square with sides 16 cm. Do not make a very large square, as it needs too much grain.
2. Draw a pencil sketch. Each part of the picture - this is a separate zone.
3. Apply the adhesive on the first drawing zone. Arrange the grains, strongly pressing them to the cardboard.
4. Apply the grains as close as possible to each other. All drawing area should be filled with the grains of different colors to the picture turned out a contrast.
5. In order to glue when applied not to miss small areas or corners of the picture, use a brush.
6. Use a small spoon to pull gently the small grains to one another, having put on the pre-drawing glue.
7. Leave to dry.
8.Turn the cardboard to shake off the excess grain.
9. Cover with laquer.