Finger puppets

  • Materials:

Little cardboard cylinders (of toilet paper or paper towel rolls)

Little twigs or a thin bottle brush

Construction paper (if you want to use it while making the craft)

Tree leaves

Plastic eyes or some plasticine

Buttons or tiny pebbles


Glue stick

White glue

  • Let’s start making the craft!
  1. Start gluing flatly a leave on the one of the ends of cardboard tube. *If you want you can do the following as the first step: at first you glue the cardboard cylinders over with the construction paper or it is possible that you make the both with construction paper and without it.
  2. Glue the little twigs you have on each side like those are the arms of your finger puppet.
  3. Glue on the small plastic eyes or you can make them using some plasticine. Fix them on the cardboard cylinder.

Your craft is ready!