Christmas tree

1.Glue the cone of green cardboard. Its height is arbitrary, depending on how big you want to make a Christmas tree.
2.Choose the size of chestnuts. The shape and color of chestnuts may be different.
3.Along the lower edge of the cone of cardboard glue gun glue the first row of chestnuts choosing self-mye large fruit. Continue to stick chestnuts, moving to the top of the cone.
4.Try as much as possible to fill the entire surface of the cone. Gradually decrease the size of chestnuts, so that the top of the cone, Christmas tree were the smallest.
5.Colour the chestnuts in the green color using acrylic paint in the can. Attention! Use paint only in a well ventilated area and be sure to use caution when working, so as not to get dirty anything with spray paint.
6.Decorate your Christmas tree with colorful shiny toys, tinsel, beads and attach the top to the small chainring.