Christmas ball

1. The manufacture of the ball is very simple, but it requires enough time. First, we make the basis for which we use foil. It is necessary to break it into large pieces and gradually fold them into a ball. It's better to roll up on the table base with smooth spherical surface. The diameter of the ball of foil 4-5 cm.
2. We have to pierce our billet exactly in the middle. This can be done using a long needle or better with the help of awl, which has a handle.
3. Golden tape length of 20 cm permeates through the eye of a needle, and the needle penetrates through the prepared bead.
Both ends must be stuck in different holes. Now, one end is threaded through the needle eye and then withdrawn through the hole opposite.
Both ends of the tape should be together, and on the opposite side will be a loop.
4. From the start of the loop spread pasta in a circle, fixing the pieces with glue.
Be certain symmetry, and you will see how the pattern will be formed by itself. Pasta can take any shape and size. The main thing is that when you create a drawing, they should form a beautiful pattern and not be similar to pasta. Otherwise, Christmas Toy won't look that much attractive.
5. Completely and very densely fill the whole ball with pasta.
6. Put a blank on some paper and start to paint the toy.
Since the foil does not absorb paint, then it is necessary to apply a layer thicker. Thin brush paint places that hard to get. Thick brush speed for use to color the surface.