Bunches of grapes made of acorns

  • Materials:

Dried acorns

Awl, wire, corrugated paper

Art brushes, acrylic paint, lacquer

  • Let’s start making the craft!

Step № 1.

Make the holes on both sides of each acorn with the awl. Do it carefully twisting the awl inside of the acorns. Put the wire through the first acorn so that it forms a tiny eyelet, which you pass through the bottom hole. At the same time the tine eyelet rests inside of the acorn, so, it keeps the acorn on the wire.

Step № 2.

By the same procedure prepare the other acorns for the turning into the grapes. Now glue the little wires with pale-green corrugated paper and paint the half of each acorn with green color, another half – with fluorite-violet. Once the acorns are dry, cover them with the lacquer.

Step № 3.

Put the berries together so that you have bunches of grapes. After interweave the wires against each other like you are twinning a wreath of flowers. In order to craft the vine leaves do the following: print the leaves on cardboard paper (you can find the images on the Internet). Glue the green shaded corrugated paper on the inner-side. Now cut out the leaves, make concave the veinlets and cover the surface with the lacquer. As soon as the lacquer is dry, fasten the leaves to the grapes with the wire.


Bunches of grapes made of acorns are ready. You may use them to decorate your kitchen. You may craft an olive branch as well if wanted.