Basket made of pine-cones

More than 60 pine-cones
2 pieces of wire: one is thin, another is heavy. Preferably brown ones
Tough cardboard paper
Hot-melt adhesive

Let’s start making the craft:
Make a circle of 11-12 pine-cones, joining them together with thin wire. At first fix the wire on the first pine-cone like it’s shown in the image.

Join the other pine-cones: turn round of each of them the wire, forming a circle, the size of which should be equal to the size of the future basket. Pine-cones’ bottoms are forming the basket’s external side.

Make the second pine-cones circle, making its diameter a little bit smaller than the diameter of the first one (of the first circle). Here you need 8-10 pine-cones. The basket is made of 2 pine-cones layers, of wanted you can make it a little deeper by attaching one more layer.

Gum together these layers you have made. Make a semicircle for the bail, joining them together with wire the same way you’ve made it with the circles. In order to keep the form of the bail, attach it to a frame, made of the heavy wire.

Make the bottom of the basket using the cardboard. Glue the cardboard to the bottom circle of pine-cones. Every interior can be decorated with that sort of basket. If wanted you can put there some twigs or flowers, made of feathers or paper, which is going to make the craft even more original.

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